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Cannon Corporate and Life Story Videography

A subsidiary of award-winning filmmaking studio Godfather Films, Cannon Video is pleased to provide corporate and life story videography services worldwide. With headquarters in Southern California’s Inland Empire, Godfather Films produces more than 300 films each year. Founded by John Goolsby, a video communication professor, author and expert lecturer on the science and art of filmmaking, we are uniquely prepared to capture both corporate films and life story videos. We are Professional Storytellers.

Corporate Videography

A corporate film exists to persuade viewers to take action by clearly presenting who you are, what you do and why. According to research, decision makers are a shocking 600 times more likely to fully grasp a message that is delivered in video format. However, the video must be tightly targeted.

We start by identifying your target audience and the concrete action you want to persuade viewers to take as well as the emotions you want to evoke. We will then develop a list of your product or service’s benefits and prioritize those to match your message. We can provide all the professionals you need including scriptwriters, aerial cinematographers, a film crew, actors and makeup artists as well as a post-production team and distributors. Throughout the process, we will continue to refine your message and carefully craft your film to deliver your message.

For professional narration services, please visit to choose your professional voiceover talent.

Life Stories

Research continually shows that people’s most prized possessions include the memories they create with loved ones. Weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, quinceañeras and anniversaries provide friends and family members with the opportunity to gather in the celebration of life’s milestones.

Yet the guest of honor only experiences around 10 percent of the festivities and people remember only about 10 percent of what they experience. This means that your memories of your celebration will include just 1 percent of everything that unfolded. Even those memories will gradually fade and disappear. At Cannon Video, we call ourselves time travel experts because we capture the emotions that allow you to relive the entire experience.